Business Events

Make your business event an unforgettable experience

With our made-to-measure catering and our event-planning experience, you will make your guests feel like the very important people they are, and leave them with a lasting impression of your business.

Your business event

Your business event will be, first and foremost, our business event: the care and attention we put into the planning and creation guarantee total satisfaction to both you and your guests.

Team building

Through personalized activities, exciting challenges, and careful attention to detail, our team creates an atmosphere that encourages collaboration, communication, and cohesion. From the inspiring venues to the innovative food choices, every element is designed to reinforce business ties and create memorable moments.

Themed business dinners

Whether you are immersed in a vintage atmosphere, a tropical party theme, or a culinary journey around the world, the Themed Business Dinner by Ciabatti Ricevimenti is designed to create indelible memories and to unite colleagues and staff in a culinary experience that is unlike any other.

Coffee Break

We make coffee breaks at work into tasty, relaxing moments. We offer an experience that goes well beyond a simple coffee break by creating a relaxed and yet stimulating atmosphere that is ideal for restoring energy and favouring exchanges among the participants. Your coffee break at work will become a moment of pleasure, guaranteeing a unique experience that everyone will enjoy!

Buffet Lunch

A Buffet Lunch can not only satisfy the palate but also create an opportunity to promote interactions and ties among colleagues and guests, making your business event an unforgettable success.

Our services for your business event