Venues, our enchanted Places

Each and every venue holds within it an enchantment, a magic of its own. Every venue speaks to the eyes and heart of those who view it.

The choice of venue is an instinctive one. The feeling it stirs is immediate, spontaneous.

The villas and castles we propose have that sort of charm, but they are only a few of the possible choices for your event. You are, in fact, free to choose any venue of your liking.

The perfect place for your perfect, unique and unrepeatable moment.

A well-chosen venue does not only provide a backdrop for your event, but it is a silent protagonist of that special moment. From romantic gardens to majestic halls, every venue helps create the desired atmosphere. The light at dusk which delicately sweeps over the space, the breeze that dances amidst the trees, or a breathtaking view of the sea become an integral part of your romantic story.

Exclusive venue

Villa “MOCALE”

Situated in San Casciano, Villa Mocale offers a splendid view of the Chianti hills.
This enchanting villa can host up to two hundred people both inside and outside thanks to its many halls equipped to welcome your guests.

Other venues for your event

Photographs of the venues